Look What The Stork Brung!

Today I had a brain spasm. I've been busy. Recently I've been really busy. Mostly being busy means moving things round my studio but today I was moving them more productively than usual.

'Look What the Stork Brung’ is stuff I have been working on separately, little individual pieces that were independent to each other- that I joined up.

That day my mind was working and things fitted into place so perfectly. I got such a massive rush! It was so weird. 5 bloody years of keeping and collecting and in 5 minutes I had pieced all the links together to make it work like a well-oiled visual machine! 
I was buzzing! I was buzzing internally so hard you wouldn't believe! That ultimate moment of creation and compleation and release was like drinking coffee reeeeealy quickly that was super strong with loads of sugar to boot. 

Having all that going on inside and being in the space and the moment of silence and stillness- it was beautiful. Oh god I wish you had been there. 

'Every Time I Look Into Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes I See The Future Eyes I See The Future'

 I had a 'studio visit' the day I made this. I was thinking 'Shit, I havnt made anything in ages...what the hell am I going to do...' So it became almost automatic what I was doing. Bits and bobs which had been hanging round my life for ages just started fitting and clogs started moving. Right place right time kind of thing.

Turns out death was staring me in the face

Popular Culture 2008
I keep hold of  things knowing somewhere deep inside that they will come in useful some day. Things like dried up bits of fish.

Eyeful Tower
I was just innocently looking for an interesting way to display my jewellery and suddenly you've got an Eyeful ;) 

 It was fun to watch peoples faces as I sat there burning the crotch out of the doll and then pushed it's own eyes into it's fanny.'The Storey Of The Eye' but I hadn't actually read it until I finished my degree- It was a bloody good book. 

This cheeky chappie doesn't have a name yet. I got some free chicken heads and feet from the butcher(lucky me) and did a bit of DIY taxidermy. First I peeled and cut the skin off the head and I blasted the skull in the oven until all the rest of the flesh had burnt away and was left with a perfect chicken skull. The eyes were the trickiest bit but the nasty nasty part was taking out the vocal cord- yuck. One of the heads I didn't skin and just put it in the oven for a bit to dry, after which I covered it in clear nail varnish and it still survives today!
The feet were easy in comparison. Nail varnish is a taxidermists secret weapon.


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