Sing For Your Life MUST LIVE! Help us defy death at Edinburgh Fringe

Back in March people went WILD for wildlife, when real dead animal puppets took to the stage in an all singing all dancing musical of misfortune.  And after a sell out week long run at Vault Festival, the animals from Sing For Your Life have been asked to perform at Edinburghs premier venue for comedy- The Underbelly. But the animals need your help.  DESPERATELY  Foxy has made a video appeal guaranteed to melt even the hardest cheese.  Watch it here Turns out musicals are expensive. Who knew! Especially when you demand real music played by actual musicians.  To pay for them and how expensive everything else is, we need to sell 3075 tickets plus overfunding to survive.  HA! This year there are over 50,000 performances..... The animals definitely 100% need your need help to raise ONE MILLION POUNDS before judgment day:10th July.  This weekend was the top secret official launch of our crowdfunder campaign – and incredibly we're already ra

SING FOR YOUR LIFE. Taxidermy puppets sing killer songs

Hold onto your conscience, it's the greatest show that ever died. The first and only musical to feature an entirely dead cast. Officially  a *5 hilariously unsettling  comedy from the underworld. And we're taking it to the Holy Mecca of performance festivals, Edinburgh at The Udderbelly Yes, the highlight of your life really is coming to town.  Even God likes it. "A powerful howl of injustice with a distinctive creativity and grotesque charm all its own."  4* from  The Church of England.  "I t’s unsettling and queasy, yet downright hilarious... A mass of contradictions, Sing For Your Life is incongruously clever. A sordid, sardonic Sesame Street."  4*  The Londonist    "Why can't I give this 6*? Really was not expecting something as brilliant as this. ...Nothing prepared me for something as moving and polished as Sing For Your Life.. More charm than Avenue Q"  5*  Remote Goat The story follows a troupe of out

Taxidermy Puppet Making Week: SING FOR YOUR LIFE!

Sing For Your Life  is a  musical menagerie with everything you would expect from a normal musical…  except the entire cast are dead.  It follows a group of  foul fauna attempting to produce a cabaret show from the animal underworld... and this week we've been making the puppets!!!     Yes! T he cast of have been scraped up, puppets made, dance routines mentally mastered and the songs  ARE JUST KILLER  Buy  TICKETS NOW! Expect  hilarious and unsettling  songs from creatures that have been given a new lease of death by my raw taxidermy skills.  A stab in the cheek mixed with sardonic borderline insanity, Sing For Your Life is probably not a family friendly show, so prepare to have your morals questioned.. . You really will look at life in ways never seen, ever before.  This is the FIRST  and ONLY  taxidermy puppet show, recently f eatured in The Standard as one of THE puppet shows to see Gates transports you to a fantasy world where beauty and death colli