Taxidermy Puppet Making Week: SING FOR YOUR LIFE!

Sing For Your Life is a musical menagerie with everything you would expect from a normal musical… except the entire cast are dead. It follows a group of foul fauna attempting to produce a cabaret show from the animal underworld...and this week we've been making the puppets!!!  
 Yes! The cast of have been scraped up, puppets made, dance routines mentally mastered and the songs 
Expect hilarious and unsettling songs from creatures that have been given a new lease of death by my raw taxidermy skills. A stab in the cheek mixed with sardonic borderline insanity, Sing For Your Life is probably not a family friendly show, so prepare to have your morals questioned.. . You really will look at life in ways never seen, ever before. 

This is the FIRST and ONLY taxidermy puppet show, recently featured in
The Standard as one of THE puppet shows to see

Gates transports you to a fantasy world where beauty and death collide” – TimeOut

“If death is the last taboo, then here it was tackled to the floor, skinned and stuffed” – Huffington Post
Now lets meet some of the cast!
The sweet and innocent 'dog next door' type. He misses his mummy...Until he finds out the truth about his existence. 
My studio is at The Vaults, Waterloo and it hosts loads of amazing events all the time...on this particular day I had to carry a bowl of dog through a children's should have seen the parents faces. Hahha. 
Badger is the ring master, he's in control, he knows what's going down, he's got the animals backs...but is he all that he seems. . . 
My mum drove past this fox 3 times before she picked it up. Apparently she couldn't get it because my brother was in the car and he HATES dead things, so does she deep down. The thought of a 30 minute car journey with this guy stinking the car out wasn't an option. My mum lives in Dorset, back in the day we used to drive past loads of great stuff and she would never stop the car to get it, I threw myself out of multiple moving vehicles because she just would not stop. Now she goes on special missions on her own. Oh how far you've come mother! #motherslove

This is what the inside of a fox looks like
My grandma, what big teeth you have.....
Foxy is quick, cunning and absolutely god dam stunning.
Shame he's so drunk all the time. 
This is 'Splat Scat Cat', he's the unluckiest, the muskiest street cat that just went splat. 
No one ever wanted him , he had a face not even a mother could love. 
A face not even a mother could love. . . 
These guys were sent to me in the post. They are part of a racist boy band called The Grey Tones. 

There is one ginger in the band and they hate him. 

How much is that dog got from Gumtree....

A long time ago I put an add on Gumtree asking if anyone had any dead pets or roadkill going spare. Loads of weirdos responded but one lady got back to me saying her dog had just died, she didn't know what to do. She didn't have a garden, couldn't call a vet, could I come and sort it out. 

All the animals are roadkill, casualties, donations or by products of a hideously wasteful industry and you can by tickets to see them perform for your viewing pleasure.  

“I’m driven by the fantastically hypocritical nature of the relationship between humans and animals – how vehemently we purport to care about our fellow species, and yet are blinded and driven to cruelty by narcissism and commodity. Art awakens the senses and brings darkness to light, exposing the cracks in humanity and even questioning the very principles that underpin our reality” - Charlie Tuesday Gates

Bring along anyone you feel can handle it, or perhaps people that can't ;)


"Gates is a prolific accomplished taxidermy artist, whose most recent exhibit; ‘The Museum House of Death’ received nationwide praise as a unique and provoking installation, she has also commissioned pieces for Elton John and BeyoncĂ©.

“Taxidermists preserve the illusion of life, whereas I’m more interested in the reality of death and the meaning of life. Does it mean anything at all?”

Apparently not… Not until it’s singing and dancing in your face. 

For more information see: // // @goodnessgates // facebook/tuesdaygates // Facebook event:

Press contact: Interview and review requests to +44 (0)207 401 9603

SING FOR YOUR LIFE - As part of VAULT FESTIVAL, by Charlie Tuesday Gates
4th – 8th March 2015
21.30 Every day (plus Sat & Sun matinee at 17.00)
Tickets: £16.50
18+ recommended but not essential. Some kids are very mature.
Leake Street
London SE1 7NN
Venue contact:
Ami Stidolph
Head of Theatre, The Vaults
+44 (0)207 401 9603


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