SING FOR YOUR LIFE. Taxidermy puppets sing killer songs

Hold onto your conscience, it's the greatest show that ever died. The first and only musical to feature an entirely dead cast. Officially a *5 hilariously unsettling comedy from the underworld.
And we're taking it to the Holy Mecca of performance festivals, Edinburgh at The Udderbelly
Yes, the highlight of your life really is coming to town. Even God likes it.

"A powerful howl of injustice with a distinctive creativity and grotesque charm all its own." 4* from The Church of England. 

"It’s unsettling and queasy, yet downright hilarious...A mass of contradictions, Sing For Your Life is incongruously clever. A sordid, sardonic Sesame Street." 4* The Londonist 

 "Why can't I give this 6*? Really was not expecting something as brilliant as this. ...Nothing prepared me for something as moving and polished as Sing For Your Life..
More charm than Avenue Q" 5* Remote Goat

The story follows a troupe of outcast animals (taxidermy puppets) who are trying to put on a show to get the attention of humans. Like reality TV but actually real. The show is driven by a psychopathic badger, desperate for the glory they deserve… But no one seems to be taking them seriously.
Until one day they get their USP.

Sing For Your Life has a whole circus of performing animals including spat cat, racist squirrels, dancing chicken dinners, stripping minks...

We had some incredible reviews....and some reviews that were fair enough....
Real people loved it, the audience were in stitches but the hard-core critics didn’t seem to like it. This isn't "highbrow" stuff. One thing the critics did agree on was that the idea and intention was something that’s never been done before.

This is no normal musical. I studied sculpture not theatre.
metimes you need someone without a box to break the others. Being an artist, our job is to challenge the status-quo, to shine light into darkness and carve paths to places people have never seen before.  

The show is ironic, it's sardonic and essentially about animal rights. X Factor meets Pet Rescue.
 With reality TV there to distract us from the real issues, I decided to use the format to say something meaningful about morality,  what we choose to care about and invest our emotions in.
After a week long sell out run at Vault Festival 
 Taxidermy puppets taking to the stage and singing about their lives was a winner.

Picture from the first live excepts of Sing For Your Life at The Museum House of Death exhibition, The Vaults, Waterloo. 

   This idea has been turing over in my head for years but the world just wasn’t ready. Now taxidermy has entered the quazi-mainstream I thought it was about time to shine a light out of my brain. And with the right support, backing and channeling there was nothing that could stop it blinding people.  

If people do whats always been done then nothing will change. 

Curated on a plate or lying flattened by the roadside we pay no attention but make roadkill sing and dance  and suddenly there is uproar! ENCORE ENCORE!  No one wants a message force fed, but by making people laugh and entertaining them you can trick them into learning. 

Sing For Your Life was  even sponsored by Boris Bikes for a while
Here's some quotes I didn't even make up:

"Weird, wonky, hilarious, gross, thought provoking, important, amazing" 

"Featuring possibly the most creative use of a carcass I've seen"

"Sing For Your Life actually rendered me speechless last night. Unsettling and imaginative and hilarious and seriously accomplished"

"Last night was incredible. Grotesquely funny and so very very clever.  Its wacky, witty and laugh out loud funny…"

I spent HOURS on the Northern line. EVERY DAY. I think another reason it went so well was of the sensational Guerrilla marketing campaign, so triumphant it got me in loads of trouble...even the king of the Southbank had to have words with my producer over my obsessive scheme to take over the world.

 I fully expect a ten year run in the West End.


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