Britts Abroad (S.O.S: Sisters on Safari)

My sister and I went on the most ridiculous all inclusive holiday in Mallorca. It was bonkers. We had our mouths open from start to finish. It was the epitome of the Britt’s abroad anti culture we have grown to know and loathe. There was nothing Spanish about 853 room super resort, strait out the 70’s and so were the people. All there was to do was eat and drink and secretly take pictures of the animals at the zoo… St’ terracotta was THE colour of the holiday.  Some people actually blended in with the furniture.  Dehydrated prune was a status symbol. The only way to blend in was to become one with the lobster Mullet Mayhem A genuine christening My favourite pair of lesbians. . . The entertainment consisted of failed actors and impersonators seemingly brought back from the dead. Cruise ship style singers topped off with token mullets playing the last few decades ‘hit’s while the audience drowned out the drones of the casio keyboard, at it’s bes

Friday Feeling. Headpieces for hire.

Image http://www/ I've been turning my hand to fashion accessories these past few weeks. After a trip to Dorset I came back with a hell of a lot of skulls. I've put them to the most beautful use possible, embellishing them with my vast collection of jewelles and trinkets lovingly hoarded over a few generations of lifetime.  8 puffins came into my life, rescued from a beach up North after that horrendous mystery oil spill a few months back. Unfortunately they weren't kept that frozen so I could only salvage the wings. Such beautiful birds!!! One sale in a little artist emporium called  Cult Mountain  Cult Mountain is also on  FACEBOO k Nautical inspired headpiece featuring a fox skull, birds feet, fine feathers, shells, trinkets, faux pearls and leather. Some wonderful soul found a woodpecker and sent it to me in the post. Soon to be resurrected as a headpiece  Charlie Tuesday Gates

SING FOR YOUR LIFE! Musical foray featuring the recently deceased.

Watch video HERE  On Saturday the 11th of May, people really did go wild for wildlife. It was the most thrilling performance combining some of my most favourite things: singing, raw emotion and roadkill. Imagine a cabaret show in the underworld, judged by Cheryl Cole, Harry Hill and Damien Hirst - and compèred by Edgar Allen Poe? Not for the faint-hearted, this unholy union of taxidermy, puppetry and chanson explores the no-man’s-land between hilarity and tragedy. .  'SING FOR YOUR LIFE!' took the audience on a sensory adventure, tugging at their moral and immoral heart strings, as I brought the reality of death to life in a musical foray Basically what all this means is i'm taking taxidermy up a notch.. . Taking it to the West End(eventually). I previewed a small sample/exsample of what the future holds at Hundred Years Gallery.  I eased the audience in by playing a selection of highly of