Crowd funding Q&A with Theatre Bubble

Theatre Bubble got in touch to ask some questions about how to make a successfully crowd funded project. It would seem my fund raising efforts did not go unnoticed and Sing For Your Life and it's believers have been featured on various websites as complete success storys :D

"Sing For Your Life is perhaps the perfect example: created by a reputed international sculpture artist without a background in theatre, it paired puppetry with taxidermy pets to create political theatre perfection. Having won awards and acclaim at the Vault Festival, it went on to raise £5,400..... "
".. Even amongst new work by internationally acclaimed companies such as Complicite and GECKO, Sing For Your Life stands out as one of the most memorable highlights of the Edinburgh Fringe, and the most genuinely effective piece of political theatre I have witnessed to date – "

 Here's the full interview: 
If you can be bothered to read it, it might make you laugh, and if you're looking for good advice for your own corwdfuner, it might even help.

Loads of people helped bring the dead back to life, but being heavily rewarded was a huge incentive. However,  many prizes have been left unclaimed!!!  

I managed to send lots of lovely lino prints, and posters though. People might have thought this was easy. But my hand hurt every day from drawing so hard. Hours and hours I spent doing this. 

Lino prints are not as easy as they look. 

And there are still huge rewards waiting like D.I.Y Taxidermy lessons as well as that Long overdue Welcome Back Party.....

 Coming soon....


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