Charlie Tuesday Gates does Fashion with Mind Like Magpie & Friends

My assistant and life long muse Mr Wacko Jacko. Never seen anyone look so good in a Guillemot 
I had to create a whole new world for a shoot. I say world but what I really mean is loads of great exciting new stuff for the fashion world. It was wonderful to have a reason to live and the reason could be as big and powerful as I wanted. The mood board was waved around digitally, and with each wonderful thing that passed my eyes, every beautiful ray of physical joy filled me with gleaming inspiration.  I set about making more exiting, more bling, more powerful creations. Left completely to my own devices... I could do what I want!
Work in progress Canadian Goose wing necklace.

Such a beautiful model.
My assistant Mr Wacko Jacko

 This headpiece wasn't actually for the shoot. It was just for me ;) A last minute gift to myself.
Can be worn as headpiece or Necklace. Dog sold separately.


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