Taxidermy Late at The Horniman Museum

Within minutes of turning up waaaay too early, I'd managed to score myself an events pass, take over the dressing room and put my own work up inside the museum in the main performance space.
Keep Away From Idiots
My amazing pass with swipe action getting me anywhere I wanted to go...Which was mainly the bar.
There he is! Smack back in the main game. 
Polly morgan, Pat Morris and Errol Fuller were all there to talk too. Unfortunately the room was smashed full to the brim of bursting so all we could do was look through the glass window and make up hilarious voiceovers.  

I would have liked to have said hello to Errol, he was the one who lent us loads of the big taxidermy pieces for BORROWED TIME- the movie, but alas he was swamped. So instead I took my models for a wander through the museum.
Hair and Make-up in my personal dressing room

Making friends....
Model one wears a Chaffinch rescued out the mouth of a cat and pheasant feathers.  Model two wears 'The Guille' Guillemot headpiece. 
I wasn't even aware this event was happening until I contacted the marvellously talented Gabby Young and Other Animals asking if she/they wanted to wear any of my MIND LIKE MAGPIE headpieces any time....

Turns out she was performing at The Taxidermy Late event and hey presto we've got ourselves a date.
Dressing up time
All the members of the band were wearing Mind Like Magpie accessories. It was a proud moment, especially as KEEP AWAY FROM IDIOTS was watching over them :) They were all so completely lovely too!

We had a fantastic time in the photo booth too. Everyone else had been kicked out so the staff and us were left to have our own private shoot. Foxy just loves the attention.

So over all it was a great event! Had loads of fun and got some great shots. Next time I'll officially be invited instead of just turing up and making myself at home. I did feel very much at home. Ha.
Love from
Charlie Gates


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