Halloween/ Witch Baby and STOLEN FAMILY HEIRLOOMS

This time last year I was preparing for D.I.Y Taxidermy VII- CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE: Where we would skin my beloved dead cat Douglas in front of a salivating audience- Another sell out show of the brazen and bizarre, scenes so terrific and terrifying the audience didn't know what to do with themselves....
Since bringing taxidermy to the stage in 2010 - D.I.Y Taxidermy has exploded- everywhere. Total overkill.
 Obviously I started it all but ya'know, no biggy.

 This year I have been asked to do something that doesn't involve dead animals.
Yes! My first real life paid singing job! 
 Here's a song written especially for halloween. Don't worry, there's more! You can see these and other classics performed live at The Vaults, Leake Street 3 nights on the trot if you really want to. They'll be sung much better with a piano genius to accompany everything.
Here's a link to the event and tickets. http://www.the-vaults.org/#!raveyard/c1vvr

When I was younger I wanted to be a singer/actress/artist/writer and dogger. All my dreams have officially nearly come true. Been writing songs since I was 8- maybe I should have stuck to it - but when you have so many blindingly useful talents, it's hard to stick to just one.

Anyway in the sprit of my favourite time of year, here's some collage art created especially for the occasion.

New Life Old Body

I'll be dead before I return that book....

Death Dunkin
There's millions of good news but here some shit:

On Saturday the 25th my home was invaded by utter morons, only just graduating from the kindergarden of utter anus. . Being a property guardian has it's ups and downs...The downs are sometimes the people and the peoples' friends. They were awful and showed no respect for the property or the people in it. The D.J was like a pit bull on steroids, and after pulling the plug on this anus grenade of an event, succeeded in basically single handily evicting and terrifying 70 piss heads. 

I am absolutly gutted to say that this giant fibreglass apple was one of the victims. 

It had been in our family for decades. I used to sleep in it as a child..and if I were to have had children, they would have slept in it too. Now I can't have children. Who would want a childhood without this in their lives?  I couldn't be more upset. I'm gutted, distraught, utterly heartbroken and beside myself with unhappiness...over a fibreglass apple. If anyone knows/see's or hears about this apple then please get in touch.

Love from
Charlie Gates


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