This Is What I Have To Say About That

Greetings. This is my new creation. 

It was the hottest day of the year 2 times in a row and against extreme weather conditions, I created a masterpiece headpiece by my alter ego and fashion brain child
Mystery revealed.
(Fox sold separately) 

I was feeling sick with myself for being in a creative void of empty nothingness. So for the first time since my departure from the deep dark and damp depths of The Vaults I MADE SOMETHING.
 It hurts inside when you have so much to give and get out - For some reason it gets stuck- 
And so do you.
 So I forced my hand, pulled my finger out and touched the sides. 

My fingers were sweating so hard I actually had holes in the ends of them. 
This is what pulling your finger out looks like. Dear me I love this hat. 
Great Green Greatness. Quite an unusual little number. 
Bunny ears creating the aura of spring. 

My new workshop for 'normal' things is an alleyway I've adopted in the house- Big enough for me and me alone. There's a lift at the end of it which genuinely takes you right into the garden of the Irish Elderly Headquarters(we live in some strange properties sometimes).
Modeled on my new model Foxy
So it was a very hot and very busy few days. . . . 

In other news

 The Shard has been on my mind lately. 
I have many theories and a bit of each of them is/will or might have been true at some point in the past, now or in the future. *

.  Like the eye of Sauron from Lord Of The Rings, it's power grows deeper and darker in my mind everyday. The amazing storm we had the other day would have powered it too. 

Very powerful stuff storms. 

Technically it's on a cosmic lay line which gives it bonus cosmic power- It's definitely been built where it is on purpose to harness such forces. 

Terrible disguise though- That huge lit up symbol in the sky is sooooo obvious. 

And it definitely doubles as a spaceship/alien receptor. Unfortunately for me it's only an Olympic stones throw away from our new residence

Believe everything because nothing is true

It's officially one month on from my first solo show since retirement (7 months ago). I won't rub it in but here's some photos from The Museum House Of Death 
Photos by Tom Hensher 

There's millions more in other blog posts so feel free to amuse yourself. 

I've been banging on about this bloody musical SING FOR YOUR LIFE! (musical parody where the recently deceased compete for the chance to live again. A cross between X Factor and Pet Rescue)

Here's a video excerpt to get your juices going....
As you can see it's pretty catchy. 

I'm also writing a book
I can see myself now sat there with Phil and Holly Willbittywitty on This Morning. 
 Vision is key kids, aim high. 
 If only Richard and Judy were alive.
I love Katie Price and Katie Price will love my book. 

The book will be hilarious, insightful , profound and profoundly dumb.
But never ever dull.

Life is massively full of distractions
To remain far away enough to keep perspective of the whole picture but close enough not to take your eye off the ball is hard and you have to try really hard all the time.
Focus is key. Focus Charlie- Focus....

So on that note I guess I should finish up really. A lady from a museum in another county is coming to have a look at my taxidermy headpieces and I really need to defrost something asap. 

I'll finish on a joke:
What do you get when you wrap the skin of a lamb around a fox? 

A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing!


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