It's official:
is going to be really real
4-8th March 2015

Yes, finally- Tickets are on sale for an all singing, all dancing musical of misfortune. March 2015, you'll be able to see the whole menagerie perform in a twisted cabaret show featuring the entire cast of Farthing wood.. 

I'm not really sure how much of the story I should be giving away, but it's basically about a few animals putting a little show together. Heart wrenching, gut twisting stuff. 
 They'll be the worst puppets you've ever seen and songs that make your ears a good way obviously. 
Most of all. It will be Hilarious 

If you have a sense of humour that extends further than the average persons mind. 

 For a good few years I've been telling people i'm writing a musical. Well, someone listened and decided it was a great idea. Not only did they decide it was a great idea but they also decided to put their money where their brain should have been AND NOW LOOK WHAT'S HAPPENING!!!

YOU could be sat HERE


And many more gut wrenching acts from the darkest parts of my imagination. 
This is probably not a family friendly show. There are some swear words, some sexy bits as well as everything you would expect in a normal musical- Except the entire cast are dead animals, obviously.

So if all this hasn't wet your appetite, I'll be spamming the crap out of inboxes before and after Christmas. If you're stuck for Christmas gift ideas- why not something to look forward to after the wrapping has turned into landfill. 
You can BUY real life tickets HERE. 
Right now this very second. 

Facebook and twitter will keep you informed on puppet progress and anything else stimulating/
un-stimulating depending on how you view life.  

Love from
Charlie Gates


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