Years ago we I set about making taxidermy props for the massively popular, prize winning, mini micro budget blockbuster BORROWED TIME written and directed by Jules Bishop.
Finally, this heart-warmingly hilarious tragedy will be hitting the big screen...  
One of the main characters (Phil Davis) is a taxidermy enthusiast so he needed lots of bizarre accessories. I was drafted in to teach the production crew how to stuff squirrels….with sanitary towels. Hand making little clothes and dressing the creations like you would in pre-school. One of these little critters became Phil's mascot, attached to the front of his mobility scooter.
My creations are movie stars!  

EVENT:  To co-inside with the release of the highly anticipated BORROWED TIME, I will be teaching you how to make your very own Borrowed Time Squirrel mascot with a master class in D.I.Y Taxidermy.

 The preview date is apparently the 13th of September. Will give more venue details and times etc soon! Till then enjoy this rave review: 

“Scouse ninja's, Shadow men, psycho steptoe and a Loser main character with flashes of Robert De Niro. This film is full of surprises and never ceases to entertain. Trainspotting meets shakespearian tragi-comedy meets dickensian melodrama. It takes you to the depths of despair and then gently lifts you. This film has the lot and more. With added Hints of Peter Schaffer, Joe Orton and even Becket in the black humour/ dark comedic techniques displayed in the writing”

EDNIBURGH FILM FESTIVAL(winner of 'Best in Fest')

Borrowed Time was produced by BAFTA-nominated Parkville Pictures through the award-winning Film London Microwave training and production scheme.


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