New badger performance..... Coming soon

On the 11th of May, see your favourite controversial musical videos brought to sensational life: ONE NIGHT IN PECKHAM, MEOW MEOW and of course, BADGERS ARE INNOCENT. At East London’s Sound Tracks Festival Charlie Tuesday Gates will be showcasing choice cuts from her new performance, a musical foray featuring the recently deceased.

Driven by her indignation at the badger cull set to take place in her native West Country, vegan artist and new-wave taxidermist Gates uses shock and song to challenge the dubious presumption that bovine tuberculosis can be ended by slaughtering England's dearest mammal.

Born out of her pioneering ‘DIY Taxidermy Live’ performances comes SING FOR YOUR LIFE, a bizarre talent show, where three of your favourite dead animal finalists will compete for the chance to live again. Immortalised by you, the audience. Not for the faint-hearted, this unholy union of taxidermy, puppetry and chanson explores the no-man’s-land between hilarity and tragedy. Imagine a cabaret show in the underworld, judged by Cheryl Cole, Harry Hill and Damien Hirst - and compèred by Edgar Allen Poe.
Life is a contest, a struggle to turn back the tide of ageing and hold mortality at bay, with death the inevitable denouement. SING FOR YOUR LIFE subverts this paradigm by inviting the dead to compete for a second chance at life. As you encounter themes of resurrection, the commodification of life and the boundaries of taste, expect to feel unsettled, collapse in hysterics and never be able to look at a humble badger in the same way again.

It would be a terrible shame to disrespect the sanctity of the dead. But then, Gates doesn’t do shame.

Time: 8pm, May 11th
Venue: Hundred Years Gallery : 13 Pearson Street, London E2 8JD



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