TOP 5 U.K Taxidermsists

According to hugely reliable resources at  I am one of the top 5 U.K taxidermists:


Very funny article:

"Charlie Tuesday Gates

Newly well known UK Taxidermist Charlie Thursday Gateways not only generates her own perform through the method of taxidermy, she also serves frequent DIY Taxidermy activities where those fascinated are welcomed to get some hands on face in the strange world of pet carnation. She is another UK Taxidermist who will be displaying her encounter at 2012’s Brighton Fashion week with a discuss. While the artist’s perform is not quite attractive it is under no circumstances boring."
Charlie Tuesday Gates
If that's not something to believe I don't know what is. 
Next D.I.Y Taxidermy LIVE show coming up in October. "You certainly won't be bored!"


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