Written and directed by Jules Bishop
Theo Barklem-Biggs, Phil Davis, Warren Brown, Juliet Oldfield, Perry Benson

Years ago I held a taxidermy workshop in Dalston with the production crew of this film. We were making props for the eccentric main charter who lived on his own with his taxidermy animals.
It has finally been released at Edinburgh Film Festival and the buzz around this film is enormous. ....

"Excellent movie, funny and sad, dark humour mixed with pathos. Will make you cry and belly laugh in the space of one scene. Great storyline with brilliant performances from main charters and supporting cast. Well worth a visit to the cinema and well worth the money you'll pay for the ticket. I hear Bafta nominations"

"Wow what a movie, check out the Kevin geezer. If he dosent make you wanna cry and laught and give him a big hug and kiss on the smacker then you aint got no heart and soul. Gobsmacking performances, banging scrip, great storyline. What can I say- go and see it....."

"Scouse ninja's, Shadow men, psycho steptoe and loser main character with flashes of Robert De Niro. This film is full of surprises and never ceases to entertain.  Trainspotting meets Shakespearian tragi-comedy meets dickensian melodrama. It takes you to the depths of dispare and then gently lifts you. This film has the lot and more. With added hints of peter Shaffer, Joe Orton and even Becket in the black humour/ dark comedic techniques displayed in the writing. If the industry have a soul and the public have a heart it should do well."
BORROWED TIME is a fresh and life-affirming comedy, telling the story of the unlikely friendship between a hapless young burglar and his eccentric victim: 
Kevin, an inept would-be criminal that needs money fast to pay back a local crime lord, a sword wielding psychopath. Breaking into the home of an eccentric recluse seems to Kevin a likely plan untill the enranged old man unexpectedly shows up with a gun. The strange bond that forms between these two misfits becomes the premissis of this unusual comedy-dram produced through MicrowaveFilm Londons micro budget feature-film fund in partnership with BBC Films and the production company Parkvill Pictures 

BORROWED TIME, written and directed by Jules Bishop, is the seventh feature to come out of Film London's award-winning 'Microwave' feature production scheme, in association with BBC Films.

Produced by BAFTA-nominated Olivier Kaempfer for Parkville Pictures, BORROWED TIME stars Phil Davis (VERA DRAKE, BRIGHTON ROCK), Theo Barklem-Biggs (THE INBETWEENERS MOVIE), Juliet Oldfield (BRONSON), Perry Benson (THIS IS ENGLAND) and Warren Brown (BYZANTIUM).

I cannot express how much this means to me. I am so so happy that this is in the world. Years and years of hard work has finally come together to create this modern day classic. So much love and well dones's to Jules Bishop. Watch this space as there is a another corker coming your way:  'Cafe Finito' another quirky comedy about a man who tries to open a fine dining restaurant in the aftermath of an apocalypse  



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