PHOTOS: D.I.Y Taxidermy at Corsica Studio

10 lucky people were picked at random for a special workshop with me. 
When the guests arrived they got to choose their new pet.
In 2 hours, we skinned and stuffed our new fury friends.


Number 11. Rescued from a skip during lambing season.

Massive Katie Price fan.


Exotic Pets in the D.I.Y Taxidermy Workshop

Overall the workshop went well. These ten students really embraced the D.I.Y ethos - Using untraditional methods, inexpensive and accessible materials, we embarked on our journey through life and death... It was a bit like an after school club.
They were fantastic, a joy to teach!
Look at those smiles!

However the rabbits I had brought from the internet to stuff were in appalling condition.

I felt hideous about it. These creatures were intended to be fed to exotic pets like large snakes,
but these poor domesticated rabbits were obviously kept in appalling conditions all their lives. Most were skin and bones and many had injures like broken legs, arms, necks, skin conditions, cancer and missing ears where they had been fighting. These were mass produced commodities either intended to be pets or ground up for cheap dog food.

Their lives meant nothing and that made me so upset. However their lives were not completely wasted or meaningless. Instead of being fed to a snake or a dog they were introduced to people who wanted to learn about life through death and create something out of it. Educating people on some simple facts of unseen life.

 I WILL NOT EVER EVER EVER BE USEING THIS COMPANY AGAIN. Only completely ethically sourced animals! I have these terrible visions of how they lived their lives..... In cramped conditions, survival of the fittest, broken legs because you have been stepped on and crushed. I can just imagine them being tossed around like rag dolls by people who have no respect for life. Oh God the internal torment. But people don't realise the reality of these situations and conditions and why should they. If it's not in your face then you don't think about it and now it's in mine.


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