People have been asking when D.I.Y Taxidermy III will be....
Well I say spring at the latest. I have soo much great stuff from Dorsecore...just not a venue in London- so if you have one and you want an exhibition and a show in it then let me know.

Here is a list of the great stuff I have for stuffing so far:

Baby baby lamb
Giant pigs head
Seagull from Brighton

All these things were lawfully obtained by friends and family alike. I have the best friends.

Another interesting thing is I have now actually read a book on the subject. Yes I branched out and broadened my horizons. It was good to know that intuition goes a long long way...but also a sturdy background means the foundations won't crack in the future. So now I know more of what I'm actually doing instead of just fumbling round in the dark parts of my mind.


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