The 'Lambinator'

A friend of mine has started work as a 'Lamber'. Basically making sure baby lambs are ok. Lots aren't because they are taken away from their mums at 3 days old. Pretty young but this is usual practice even in 'organic' places. Loads die. Loads and loads- mainly because they are taken away so young or they get special lamb diseases or because they are small and runty. The ones that die get thrown in a giant bin- huge-a massive stinking bin overflowing with baby lives. This giant bin of baby's then gets burnt somewhere secret.
These were rescued for me. One is 3 days old and the other just a week. So today I skinned the older one for a future art something. The smaller I have saved for the next live D.I.Y Taxidermy III

 It's tummy was all bloated and yuck where it has started to fill with methane gas.That's the smelly stuff. NEVER PEIRCE THE GUT!!!!!

 An advert for those animal rights people

And here is the lamb without it's body, hung from the washing line. All I need to do now is wash it and then stuff it somehow. That's for tomorrow.


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