Burn baby BURN! The melt down.

After years in the shadows I'm slowly creeping intoithe light. My new years' resolution is to have a Christmas number one. It’s only February so there’s loads of time.   This childhood dream was re-realized in a charity shop during an encounter with a casio keyboard. It had so many beats it could bring you and all your dreams back to life. I bought it instantly, and last week I secretly performed for the first time in years.  Me, a guitar I couldn't play and a weird baby sang this original cult classic-   WITCH BABY  and Bar Wotever at The Vauxhall Tavern were very nice to let me do so.   I've no doubt I'll be headlining the alternative Pride 2019   This was more remarkable because last year, due to monumental sadness, I had completely lost the ability to sing at all:  Ever since I was a peculiar little girl, I’ve written peculiar songs. ‘Nigel The Super Cow’ was my first great song, Test Tube Baby came next- These were not a success on the local youth

The knock from below.

I’ve had a shocking time to be honest.  The storm I thought I had weathered got worse. There came a knock from below when I thought I couldn’t get any lower and I had to return home the beginning of this year due to the death of my Father, Nicky.   In the months that followed I had to end a relationship and have been technically homeless and very very lost. Creativity has always been my way to escape but there has been no flow, no escape and a lot of darkness. With no light to grow and no air to breath I have been suffocating for a long time.   I tried in Bristol but even the stars said it was going to be a pretty shite time and basically to not bother. Life started to feel like swimming through sand and I was very sad with my perceived underachievement’s in the city... I did become a lesbian though, which was a good life achievement. Finding love is problely one of life's greatest. With permission from the universe to get the fuck out of here, I dec