Some people call them Artists, I like to call them Wankers' A tour

This is where all the action happens, where I get my secrets out.  No one comes here. It is my own fantasy world where I can do what I want. Finally, after all these years in art school no one can tell me what to do. Here we have a selection of deep and meaningful works/stuff, displayed on a cabinet I stole from university. The end of year show pack down was the perfect excuse to loot the place with the help of an innocent passer by. Included on the cabinet is 'The Eyeful Tower', a models foot, a selection of orange glass I decided I would collect, a light of the world and a butterfly clock which I can't decide is sick or funny. Probably mostly both. There is also a charming metal horse ornament my mother dug from the ground when she was going through her speed phase. She would spent hours on end digging things up in the woods, sometimes this would prove profitable, bringing home bags of gold, other times she woul