Near Death Experience - Living forever.

My Near Death Experience has been extended- AGAIN! By popular demand, Bristols best pop-up shop and art experience will continue it's reign of terror and triumph at The City Hall throughout April. 
The exhibition seems to be living forever but there is a Dead End in sight-You have until May 1st to be enchanted by a world of magic and mysticism, bringing you closer than ever to our greatest fears and otherworldly desires through twisted gothic surrealism-Both hilarious and tragic.

The City Hall has been a fabulous exhibition space and I have been incredibly lucky to have had such a good run of bad luck. This past year has seen me tossed from one space to the next as i've inadvertently become strapped onto a waltzer in a furious cyclone of boundless uncertainty.

I've ended up in some great spaces, but after this one finishes, I am once again on the road to oblivion. 

 I am an artist in the eternal frying pan- Tossed from one temporary space to another, feeling the burn and the frazzel before falling into the fiery pit of hell... 

 I am the bacon- Who can save me this time?  

 My swan like composure swims desperately over lava balancing spinning plates piled high with impending doom.  But thats normal right? 

Can someone give me a long term break here. Come the fuck on.
It is HARD.  HARD HARD HARD doing this all the time. Pop-up pop-down popup.  
I want to have ideas again. . I want to break ground but I need it to be solid before I do so…..

But I don’t have the physical or mental space to have that break.

I want someone to give me a nice big free space for as long as possible. One where I don’t have to move or jump or anything, and I can sit there all day and make pretty things... amazing things...dangerous things…

 So please tell all your famous friends who would appreciate an arty farty party in their pants in the coming month. Who knows where this bacon will burn next. 

Opening hours are as weird as I am so please do check my artist page/Twatter/Instasham

If you you have any hit me up and we'll make more magic happen.


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