There's a new shop that's opened in Stokes Croft- A shop so wonderfully fantabulously macabre and outrageously spectacular it will at some points, render you speechless.
 Downstairs at The Vintage Market, hiding amongst the junk and the clutter, I have created a world of wonder and intrigue. A place where beauty and death come to life in surreal assemblage sculpture and wearable art. This amazing pop-up acts as a working studio, gallery and shop front. Capturing the magical and the mystical,the absurd, the strange and the beautiful. 
But there’s not much time to visit Stokes Crofts newest artist in residence. ...

The formally squatted Old Motorcycle Showroom is currently finalising development plans.
So, for the next few months only, I will be bringing in a very unusual brand of art and fashion fiestas to the high street for a brief visual spectacle of aesthetic enlightenment.

Come be delighted and excited by:
And much more...

The Vintage Market
15-19 Stokes Croft

Thursday 10-6
Friday 10-7
Saturday  10-6
Sunday 11-5


  1. This looks amazing! I no longer live in Bristol since 3 years ago i moved onto a narrowboat. I have found you through a friend who suggested you may be able to help.My dear cat got attacked by a badger or fox and died of her injuries early Sunday morning. I would really like to have her skull.The vet in Bath currently has her body in cold storage;i have no way of storing her on the boat and need to collect her asap.I have myself done a little taxidermy in the past but cant bear to do this myself on her. Do you think you could do this for me? Her head is intact. Thanks Katie xx my email is


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