Looking Foxy

Everyone’s favourite cult fox is finally in print- wear him with pride as he features on these limited addition t-shirts.

Foxys’ famous face is based on a taxidermy puppet character from the cult musical Sing For Your Life. Ultimately he was a facetious, self-centred arsehole….and that’s why  everyone loved him.

The show was like marmite on crack. The first and only musical to feature an entirely dead cast in a hard hitting political comedy about animals rights…..ironically using real dead animal puppets. Sounds disgraceful doesn’t it. It was that and soooo much more.

This one hit wonder won hearts, minds and amazingly awards at Vault Festival 2015 and Edinbrugh Fringe Festivals premier for comedy- The Underbelly, with it’s own unique brand of tasteless humour, setting the world to rights under the guise of brazen entertainment.

The reviews were astounding. Ranging from the great and the holy - Church of England

To foul mouthed graffiti from Frozen Fans. 

Sadly Foxy, Badger, The Underdog, Splat Cat and the rest of the outcast animals lie trapped in a frozen grave. It turns out singing and dancing on stage is terribly expensive. They are waiting for the million pounds that could release them…

If I can sell 2000 T-shirts- Maybe we will see the return of Foxy and the gang? 

Until then, the greatest show that ever died…remains dead.



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