Been spending the last few weeks working on costumes for Superficial. Creating outfits for divas and dudes in distress in a play about identity on the gay scene, masculinity, drag & the queerness of pop....Showing at The Glory Now!
The brief was really quite vague..which meant I had an amazing amount of creative freedom! Absolutely loved conjuring up some stunning pieces, particularly the menswear,  new shoes and drag outfits. Check out the tits on this Madonna dress... An absolute show stopper if I do say so myself... 

I had trouble sourcing anything cool for Benjamin, the club owners character- he was a flamboyant chap- wise of words, rich in experience, but in the end, the menswear was epic.

Here’s a small selection of works…sadly, once again, my picture documentation isn’t spectacular- they look better on the stage anyway, with the lights hitting the bling and the bling blinding the lights.The ones I hated the most in production were actually the best on stage and took tacky to a whole new level.

Cast, crew and contributors were amazing, Many massive thanks to Pat Cash and Luke Dizzle for thinking of me!



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