Museum Arnhem: Beauty and the Beast

At the grand old age of nearly 29,  I have work in a museum. Yes, a real life museum where people look at things through glass and say 'wow, isn't that amazing?'

Dave the Notorious Bastard was a beast....a very very beautiful beast. He was the terror of the village-  loud, proud and would steal the lunch out of your hands. Everyone hated Dave when he was alive...but they love him now he's dead!

Dave is sitting pretty amongst some of the taxidermy greats in Museum Arnhem, Holland in an exhibition called Beauty and the Beast. 

Artists include: Merel Bekking, Julia DeVille, Niels van Eijk en Miriam van der Lubbe, Kate Gilliland, Idiots, Ben Lignel, Kelly McCallum, Kate MccGwire, Marta Mattsson, Ted Noten, Reid Peppard, Iris Schieferstein, Simei Irene Snyman, Tinkebell, Charlie Tuesday Gates, Cecilia Valentine, Emily Valentine, Christel Verdaasdonk, Tanel Veenre, Lisa Walker


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