The Museum House Of Death- Your favourite summer hang out is OPEN!

"Its the first time as a journalist, that I have seen anything like this..." Never could I have comprehended or thought this existed in my mind'
Genuine quote from a genuine journalist of London Live.

Thanks to TIME OUT , Le Cool and Just Opened London,  The Museum House Of Death P.V had a simply ridiculous turn out. About a million people showed up and they were queuing from 6.30 to gone 8.30 to get in. 

Not very private Private View It was so busy at 7 they held the door and thrust me onto the stage for the first performance excerpt of SING FOR YOUR LIFE! A musical parody featuring the recently deceased. A cross between X Factor and Pet Rescue...

Not one but three performance had to be delivered, helped of course by the extraterrestrialy talented Mr Wacko Jacko:Holistic entertainer extraordinaire ....and a piano man who had arrived just three hours before.
The performance itself was a magical blur as 3 talented mammals took to the stage with me to

Foxy was up first singing an original number

Badger was second with a remix and the fresh French Bulldog was the final contestant. 
I’d made the bulldog puppet that morning. Cutting it fine? ALWAYS! They are better fresh to be honest. Not that I know anything about puppets. I am by no means a puppeteer- Yet!
 Technically my skills can only get better. Just like taxidermy; I intend never to read a book about it. 
We owned it baby, me and my singing sensations owned it. 
The month was hard. I became a recluse. No time for friends, family and barley lovers. 
The show must go on! 
And I only had a month to pull it off in...
The Vaults is a fantastic venue. Right in the pulsating heart of London with street art happening before your eyes as you enter the labyrinth of tunnels.
 The gallery space showcased new work as well as some of the old classics, Mind Like Magpie fashion pieces and a selection of controversial animalation videos...

From left to right: Birdshade, Jonathan Lives,  Migraine 
Eye Spy
Sea Horse
However the museum House Of Death gets it’s name for a reason, with one whole arch devoted to a fantasy underworld and performance space.  Alarming, intriguing and provocative sculptures and shrines to forgotten lives and abandoned pasts, where visual puns and contextual juxtapositions offer a surreal and derisive commentary on popular culture and tradition. . .

The crowning glory is of course the stage and what happens on it.
Dark humour mixed with borderline insanity.

The performance is bizarre to say the very least. It's tasteless and it's wrong singing and dancing waving a fresh dead dog on sticks around. Next level stuff. Life is cheap and meaningless after all!!!! So why only when we make a song and dance about it do we care so much?  
This behaviour is not a scratch on the hideous scale we use and abuse animals to our own advantage in all industries. It's a sad horrible fact but unless people see how can they care? We are so far away from our reality. This show smacks you in the face. 

 Humour is a very important part of everything. You can educate and entertain at the same time. 
People think they are having fun but really they are learning. 
Thinking in disguise.

Do I hear an ENCORE??!!! 

 Retirement was admittedly brief, but after disillusionment with taxidermy in general came the cascading desire to get the juices not just moving but flowing like the oceans and eventually a tsunami spreading like wildebeest over the faces and minds of the casual observer. This is not for the faint hearted but very much the open minded! 

I am an artist, artist can do what they want. It's our job to push the limits on what mere mortals wouldn't have the balls to do or question so outrageously. Through art you can challenge conceived notions and ideas, opening you up to other possibilities, other ways of seeing.  Art reawakens the senses and question the very underpinning of reality itself.

You have dreams. You have them and then they come out of your head and suddenly they are real.
So much ridiculously massive thanks to all my friends and randoms who have helped along the way.... all the way through my entire life :)  Thanks to the staff at The Vaults who couldn't have done more for me and the fantastic help from my wonderful assistant from the internet. 

Here's some random reviews ect: 


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