One week to go TILL IT'S SHOWTIME

Soooooo This exhibition of macabre mania has crept up in the wings pretty quick.  One week to go and I've barley told a soul- 
Currently being an artist isn't as cool as it seems. Sometimes you have to come down to real life earth and make important phone calls and pretend to be really clever. I've spent more time in front of my computer than ever before. My fingers have been soldered to the keys in a flurry of invites and admin duties that quite frankly isn't my forte. I want to be in the garden talking to flowers not emailing weirdos about my show. Being everything is hard. Doing everything for yourself is harder.
These baby's need to be ready in time for Thursday. Cutting it a bit fine...
 In reality i'm just a normal girl.Normal normal normal. .... Who has strange visions of terrifying and hilarious nature.

 Sometimes a trance like state comes over me and I start moving my arms around as if building mental magic right in front of glazed over eyes... People have actually seen me do this. It's a real phenomenon:  I sit, I stare and glaze over with such extraordinary intensity and worldly vagueness that you know I am somewhere you couldn't even touch the sides of. Sometimes these places I visit mentally give me panic attacks. Sometimes it's just like having a shot of adrenaline pumped into your ass and other times it's like a wet fart.

This show at The Vaults has crept up with barley a ripple inside my wellbeing-which makes a nice change from the usual internal anguish leading up to a big show.  I say that now but come 5 days time I'll have tea bags sellotaped to my eyeballs and frozen spoons on speed dial to calm the tried emotional bags erupting from within.

Work in progress.....Definitely definitely be finished in time for the show ;) 

 This time it's about the art. A sneak preview of a new performance will be making a showcase but i'm way more excited about the actual art having some well deserved air time. I haven't had a solo show in years (completely out of choice obviously).  I retired for reasons but it turns out that making and creating is something I just can't not do. I don't need to do it with animals though. ...But I still have  couple of freezers full... So I'll save them for the rest of the musical cast.

You've seen him sing in all your favourite C.T.G videos..Now see him sing for his life, IN REAL LIFE-  live. 
In Charlie Tuesday Gates'

Doors open 6ish
Opening night performance 7.30pmish
This show will be open for one whole month!

I'll be there with huge great dangly bells on so if your passing Waterypoo come say hi. 

Rsvp to ME


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