Borrowed Time at Hackney Picture House

The writer and Director Jules Bishop wearing the merchandise!
There was an extra special screening of Borrowed Time  on Sunday the 14th of Sept.....
Bringing the film to life…through death as I hosted she a lesson in D.I.Y Taxidermy.
This is was a tongue in cheek and unconventional approach to traditional taxidermy, showing that you can do it yourself, at home, with little more than the contents of your kitchen cupboards. Mostly salt, sanitary towels and Shake'n'vac

“To set the scene in Borrowed Time, Phillip, the cantankerous amateur taxidermist needed fury friends.
Taxidermy and animals are his life, he even has a stuffed squirrel strapped to the front of his mobility scooter accompanying him as his mascot. . .
Most famous dead mascot there ever was. 
But props like that are expensive, especially when you’re on a Mico- budget. Jules is my brother so the producers drafted me to see if I could work with the production crew and get them to help make some of the props for the film.  It was a great day with 12 of us sat round Dalston’s Fishbar stuffing squirrels with sanitary towels and later dressing them up in clothes….”

Just like the comedy,  this mini demonstration was light hearted, well humoured but with dark undertones. . . .

Next live D.I.Y Taxidermy show 30th Oct!


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