Badgers Wanted

It's getting closer to the date when the countryside looses one of it's all time heroes. THE BADGER: This cull really does make absolutely no sense AT ALL. Badgers are wonderful, peaceful creatures and have been for thousands of years. Long may they continue to be so...but only with your help. . . . . . . . . . . .

Science and the brain says badgers haven't really done anything differently and aren't the main offender in the TB scandal. It's an increase of cattle and their movements that's the problem, our taste for meat and milk would be another. Even if they cull 70% of the population it would only decrease the spread of disease by about 15 percent and it would be a hit and hope situation.
We need to get to get together and stop Killing off the countryside.

I'm in Dorset searching for badgers to sing their hearts out in my new performance. I put word out this morning and got a call about a notorious lay-by. Above is just a small collection from this roadside graveyard. 7 fox skulls and one badger. Very sad.

 If you see a dead badger with more skin than bones please contact me:

Where possible freeze and I will collect.
Never harm anything on purpose.
Always wear gloves.
If you feel that there is anything suspicious then do not attempt to disturb.

You will be credited for your brave and valiant effort in the production on my new performance.

Thank you
Love from
Charlie Tuesday Gates


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