Animals Today- JESUS SPECAIL

Goodness me. My extra special baby sister found this simply stunning Bluetit.

Technically it was the best Easter EVER. Even being tapped at home was fun. I decided to put my creative talents to good use and make a few art pieces around the house. This is Jordan aka Katie Price on my homemade cross. In each hand she holds a dinner but you can't see that very well. The sign reads 'The Real Jesus: Verdict- GUILTY!' Found in Chat magazine.  
 I'm not really sure what they are about but I was totally inspired this Easter. 

Not only did my mother actually get me my first Easter egg on actual Easter day, but we also had the most amazing lunch including vegan tiramisu and chesseless cheesecake. Even the nut loaf was more than edible. 

My mum has been collecting eggs for years. This is one tiny fishtank full.
Eventually I ran out of steam and decided to go and find some animals. 

Such funny things. 

This time last year.......

I was famous in the U.k and France!

 Well not really.... but I was slaughtered right here on Buzzfeed!
 Truly truly terrible terrible

You can read all about it here

 And here


Love from
Charlie Tuesday Gates


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