Three crudely preserved lambs stood silently on garish Astroturf topped plinths for 2 weeks at the recent Modern Panic exhibition. It was rather fittingly at the old abattior in Farringdon. Loads of great artists involved.
 SILENCE OF THE LAMBS was better in the flesh and also when penned into their (yet to be made) vitrines.

This poor creature died mysteriously. All was well the night before but the next day he was out cold. No noticeable signs of anything suspicious. After skinning and filling with expanding foam, I sliced him in three and Damien was born.
 Expanding foam is pretty volatile stuff. Massive growth like forms erupted from where I snagged the skin. However there was minimal damage and he filled out quite nicely. The amazing thing about Damien is his tail is pre-docked and poor balls are in the middle of being suffocated off. Horny things were just starting to form, leaving two empty circles in his forehead when I cut them out. Half a plastic water bottle replaced the skull leaving a hollow head, horns and eyes, with the blue lid poking out it’s mouth like a backwards teat. Poor little sucker.
With 'Damien', I hope people can see the obvious references to Hirst.
Number 11
A good friend’s favorite who died during the laming season and rescued from a skip. He was brought back to life at the 3rd live D.I.Y Taxidermy exhibition:Back From The Dead’. 
After drying out in various inappropriate places around the house and hiding inside hand luggage, his body twisted and distorted, the facial expression gradually deteriorated into something that looks like perpetual despair; Screaming/dying and crying all at once. Not very nice at all really. Pretty fitting for the Modern Panic exhibition. 

Another skip job from the lambery. Another play on words. 
 I use 'humour' to lighten the mood, it's the only way I can deal with the enormous heartache I feel sometimes. I use these materials for that very reason though- Because it stirs my soul, it makes me think and feel deeply about life and death.

How I would explain it to myself is basically I like to do and create weird stuff in ways that I shouldn't....I go down a level into the darkness. Through it I am strangely connected to something outside of this world....If that makes any sense. I'm going to stop writing now as I feel I could start going on about something and loose my mind to it in front of you
Lastly more photos of the whole show can be found here on Facebook
Many photo thanks to Paul Douglas


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