Dicing With Death

Here is a selection of photos from D.I.Y Taxidermy II: Dicing With Death, which have only just come to light. Physical writing about the show & event is a few posts below- It was really dark so picture colour not amazing.
Salting the wounds
What I keep in my suitcases-never borrow one from me
Keep Away From Idiots
Look What The Stork Brung!

It's clearly funny to draw genitals on children
Work space
Christine Chambers
  A real stinker. Lots of people didn't realize that the skins in this were really fresh and completely untreated.....Thus resulting in the hideous stench of death.
Little Bow Peep got eaten by sheep
Close up from 'Bird House'
A Scientist
Fox In The Box
Well turned out member of the audience having a stab
'Performance space'

If anyone has anymore photos from the event please e-mail them to charlietuesdaywinnergates@gmail.com because I haven't taken any......
Love from
Charlie Gates


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