Art Apparently

This bathroom suit was 2 weeks worth of personally dripped wax. 2005 final piece at Bournemouth Arts Institute. After the show I left the toilet in a bush and set the sink up in the girls loos.
Confessional: I wipped this up in 2006 quickly before a critt whilst doing my degree. A strange thing happened., I took a step back and wittness that I had indeed put a cumming bird box on top of a fabric penis,  A stroke of luck in my direction. 


Bloody love this guy. He looks like himself.
'A Whole New World' Close up of my finger with a spot I picked and squeezed. Blood and some clear stuff came out but I don't know what it is.
'Mind Like a Magpie'

I brought loads of bits of magpies off the internet, wings, feet- The usual. I got thinking about their heads. No one was selling magpie heads... but they must exist if I could buy everything else. So I wrote to the seller and asked if he had any spare heads. As luck would have it he did! He didn't want any money for them either! Just the cost of the postage. Amazing. The next day I had three of my own magpie heads.


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