Sing For Your Life kills it at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

This is no ordinary musical. You'll never laugh so hard and feel so bad for doing so as real dead animal puppets perform in the greatest show that ever died. “Harry Hill meets Mighty Boosh meets Avenue Q" Express Radio Scotland  Sing For Your Life follows a troupe of outcast animals desperate to get the attention of humans. Think X Factor meets Pet Rescue.... in your own back garden, as they sing for the plight of animal kingdom- but no one is listening...until they find their U.S.P. UNDERDOG An unloved trophy pet. Sing For Your Life is a “Repulsively compelling” Hideously hilarious” multi laired comedy re-examining our relationship with all living things. Apart from being hilarious, it confronts us with the uncomfortable truth of how we purport to care about our fellow species, yet are blinded and driven to cruelty by narcissism and commodity.   Sing  For  Your   Life  is littered with  blunt  and crass puns along with sardonic nods to the