Killer Cabaret

It’s the news everyone has been waiting for…. 
The notorious taxidermy animal puppets are back to sing for their lives, as the creator of the greatest show that ever died brings you a brand new cabaret direct from the underworld. . .
Ignominious artist Charlie Tuesday Gates has scraped up roadkill, bought deceased dogs from gumtree and revived the family pet to create the ultimate subversive theatre experience.
It feels like they've spent an eternity in the freezer, but finally, Foxy, Badger and the gang are back from the dead, singing their smash hits based on the true stories of the animals miserable lives…

This is a brand new show- crude, rude and brutal. 
Guaranteed to be the night of anybody's life..
The ultimate subversive theatre experience. . .
The Resistance Gallery
236 Poyser Street, Bethnal Green
Who knows when you'll hear the dead sing again ....



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