Charlie Tuesday Gates presents The Museum House of Death

C.T.G’s first solo show since retirement will be at 
Arch 233 Leake Street, SE1 7NN
Private View 22May 
6.30- 9.30pm
Performance 7.30pm
Transporting you into a fantasy underworld, where beauty and death collide with nostalgia and borderline insanity.
Come and experience lost lives and forgotten pasts sitting together in juxtor posed shrines. Terrifying, intriguing, provocative mixed media assemblage sculpture. Blunt visual puns and methods mock popular culture and tradition. Using context as a vortex, surrounding it with a mystical air of surreal absurdist humour. 
As well as sculpture, controversial animalation video pieces will also be screened as well as performance, where real animal are manipulated by hand to perform, sing and dance. Some viewers will find all of these images deeply offensive as they push the limits on taste, ethics and the subject of controversy itself...

I'll be doing excerpts from the musical show 'SING FOR YOUR LIFE!'  A talent contest where the recently deceased compete for the chance to live again. 
A cross between X Factor and Pet Rescue.

Not for the faint hearted, weak stomached or easily offended...
This exhibition will feature scenes some viewers may find disturbing/beautiful and hilarious all at the same time. 

Also featuring.....
Mind Like Magpie



During the last year, Gates has been directing her talents into fashion, opening up a new dimension of possibilities. Creating eclectic and eccentric headpieces and accessories out of what others would usually discard. This wearable art is a perfect compliment with her artistic practice and working philosophy where everything has the potential be transformed, celebrating the beauty in life.

Arch 233. Leake Street London SE1 7NN
 Private View Thursday 22nd May

Photo's by Marek Puc
 Make-up: Rebecca Doney


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