2012 Highlights

2012 was a good year. Here's loads of the best things that happened:
Beginning the year with a new studio, I had the perfect place to work and create. Inviting the public into my private space and holding taxidermy workshops where people could learn the very basics in a relaxed atmosphere. In my secret room I was able to create without causing a scene. However there were many scenes.   
On Easter Sunday my work made it into the Independent and my dream came true when I was featured in The Metro as well as Time Out, Design Week and many other big players. 2012 saw me working with stylists, art direction, doing artist talks and creating some of my most macabre sculptures, controversial video and performances pieces.

Mind Like Magpie  As well as carving up the dead, I also make beautiful fashion accessories and I was asked to do a talk at Brighton Fashion Week. These can be found at  www.mindlikemagpie.com.and http://www.facebook.com/mindlikemagpie
Borrowed Time: Feature film written and directed by Jules Bishop was released to rave reviews:  
"There are echoes of Shane Meadows and flavours of Bill Forsyth in Borrowed Time, an auspicious first feature from writer/director Jules Bishop. The unlikely bond between a teenage delinquent and a curmudgeonly old recluse is explored with a combination of wit, pathos and finely nuanced performances." 
I was proud and honored to be part of such a success and look forward to working with Jules in the future

One Night In Peckham was released onto the unsuspecting public . . .
This was my then most controversial video performance piece which can be seen on YOUTUBE. Find more HERE:

Top 5 U.K Taxidermists: I was cited in the top 7 U.K taxidermists on 2 websites and re-invigoration of the art itself.
'Taxidermy has had a re-invigoration in recent years and the cause of this is truly, Charlie Tuesday Gates. The eccentric creative who saw roadkill and thought ‘art!’ can now be watched at work by the curious. The hypnotic performance will also provide DIY tips for those looking to get into the practice...'Thrill City

I got my money back from the scumbags at Debut Contemporary (Debut Con). Read the full story 
Studio Visit by Urban Outfitters

 Raising The Dead documentary on Taxidermy. World renowned key players in the taxidermy world talk business....
The last installment of live taxidermy come stage show was a huge success. A sell out. Read all about it HERE. I will be moving on in a new direction with the Live shows. More to revealed but this will be mental. And it already was borderline insanity.

R.T.L the biggest German broadcaster featured the show on their T.V channel-To the disgust of the German nation. I was banned from Facebook...again. Looking to do alLive show and potential residency there. Watch this space.
My work appeared in the oh so friendly VICE. Heavily edited. I said loads of very intelligent stuff but it was all pulled out. However I don't come across too badly. Some people said I was the only person they had read about to come out looking good- despite the subject matter and title. Read some of it HERE
The first live animalation was released. A Stop frame animation where a lamb comes out of it's own skin. With Mark Arrigo, sound design by Santiago Prado Farias.
Animlation: The use of real animals in animation. 

 So 1212 was a good year! 2013 will be massive. 

I am currently finding myself in India. If you would like a postcard please email: charlietuesdaywinnergates@gmail.com
I will be available in March. If you have anything you would like to discuss please email the above address.

Love from
Charlie Gates


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