I have been drafted in to make some seriously scary sculptures out of the dead. Yes, it's that time of year again: My annual holiday to Secret Garden! The BEST festival I have ever been to in all my festival life- which is all my life. 

This is the 3rd year I've had work with 'The Corssroads', a voodoo themed blues venue and this promises to be the scariest yet. They'll be free standing horrors and wall mounted nonsense guaranteed to turn your stomach. Look out for it in the main Crossroads tent in the Crossroads field. Sorry there are no pictures but there will be when I return.

In other news I am pissed off the Converse & Dazed emerging artist award closed their submission deadline early. I had a corker lined up but hey, their loss. I'll release 'One Night In Peckham' after I return seeing as I went to all the effort of actually writing a half decent explanation of the horror. 

I also potentially have another D.I.Y Taxidermy LIVE lined up at The Book Club- A Halloween special. Bit early for Halloween but got to get these things sorted early.

So in the words of Blazin Squad 2002: See you at the crossroads crossroads crossroads, see you at the crossroads.....

Love from
Charlie Gates


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