When is D.I.Y Taxidermy IIII?

 D.I.Y Taxidermy IIII 
Tuesday 3rd MAY
RED Gallery
 Rivington street
The 4th live demonstration, performance, exhibition  & artist talk all rolled into one.  
'A bit like a science lesson from a substitute teacher...who is really an artist.'

 In about an hour I will talk the audience through my D.I.Y process (emphasis is heavily on the D.I.Y aspect). Delivered in a 'shopping channel' style, I'll give you handy hints & tips for using basic everyday objects, where to source animal parts legally & personal preservation methods, giving a unique insight into this seemingly dark art and mind of an artist.
The audience is encouraged to participate and generally be involved in the creation of a new artwork.

An exhibition will run alongside the show, displaying surreal and bizarre assemblage sculptures of recent finds.

The animals are always refuse! I am disgusted by waste, especially the waste of life- the most precious gift of all! These creatures have been thrown away, their useful parts stripped and then tossed in the bin, as if their life meant nothing. In my head I am saving them, bringing awareness and insight into the other side of an industry, informing people to a degree on some simple facts of unseen life. 

This life has become throwaway, just another commodity and product of consumerism.
I am not a conventional taxidermist but an artist interested in exploring the realities of death.
This subject has drawn me further and further in. Before I started all this I did love animals, but now I find them and life in general so much more fascinating. really really amazing. Creatures are so much more beautiful and I appreciate and respect life so so much more. There are some real tragedies out there and it’s horrible. I’m just making something strange and beautiful out of something that would have otherwise been forgotten and needlessly wasted.

I'm still thinking of a good title for the exhibition...Suggestions to charlietuesdaywinnergates@gmail.com



  1. you should call the little lamb piece..."It's whats on the inside that counts "I adore your art and concepts !Artfully Creepy !love the in your face commentary on the ravenous viciousness of what wasteful consumers we are in the west and I am amazed how you it into thoughtful art

    1. Thank you. There's been a lot of backlash today but that's because people don't think to look a little deeper. . . .
      Love from
      Charlie Gates.


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