D.I.Y Taxidermy III: Back From The Dead- LIVE

Amazingly Future Gallery has agreed to show the next LIVE D.I.Y taxidermy show!!!
There's going to be a live stream with a big screen and everything. I promise this one won't smell as much ....
On Wednesday 23rd Febuary....

Charlie Tuesday Gates presents:
D.I.Y Taxidermy III: Back From The Dead LIVE 
Doors open 6pm- Resuscitations from 8
 Future Gallery
5 Great newport Street

In her 3rd LIVE D.I.Y taxidermy show she will be ‘Dicing with Death’- getting inside the creatures you have grown to know and love her own D.I.Y style. Stuffing obscenities right in front of your very eyes….

***** Absolutely NOTHING was harmed on purpose or even accidently on purpose. All animals were FOUND dead or they are refuse from the game or farming industry. These beautiful creatures have been saved, their discarded lives not left to rot at the bottom on a bin liner.
 ‘Dark, tongue-in-cheek, fairly sick and utterly compelling’ Spoonfed
'Charlie Gates is fast becoming one of the UK's most talked about young artists. Her work is thought provoking and bold, and to many, extremely distasteful' Notion Magazine 


  1. I'm so going to make it to one of these soon, promise.

  2. Well i'm gona be there, and i'll bring a friend for good luck too :D

  3. Tripe indeed. I was somewhat surprised when the 'artist' was unable to explain the inspiration for her work or the ideas behind it. Other than an interest in dark 'stuff'. She was unable to articulate further. Schlock value only.
    R. Beattie


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